Tuesday, May 27, 2014

you should know

So just as I warned when I announced my little blog had a new name and my life was about to completely uproot itself, I have indeed become a really shitty blogger.  I know it is a little weird to go through with changing the name of my blog and then just dessert it, but that's pretty much the way it went down. 

You see I loved doing this whole blogging thing for a really long time.  I enjoyed writing in this space.  I loved emailing back and fourth with my blog buddies.

And then I didn't like it that much anymore.  Don't get me wrong, I will always love to write and I think the Internet frands I have made are amazing, but it started to feel like work after awhile and ain't nobody got time for that.  (well actually lots of people do and that is amazing, but I just don't right now.)

So with that said, you probably won't be seeing me around these parts for a little while.  Maybe I will have a change of heart and start writing like a madwoman again, and maybe I won't.  We shall see.

But there are some things I want all of you bloggers out there to know....because I just do.

1. I still read your blogs. Every one of you who I used to email back and fourth with. You know who you are. I just don't comment much because it takes a lot of time to keep up with comments as you all know.  Now I'm just a blog creeper and I like it that way. 

2. Everything is good, minus the manfriend not being here...that sucks a lot.  Otherwise I am so happy. I love Denver, I am working out like crazy and feeling wonderful.  My job is super. Things are just all around good.

3. I am poor as shit. Moving cost me so much loot. I will be back on my feet in like 2 weeks but not spending money like a Kardashian doesn't come easy for me.  I blame my parents for never making me go without.

4. I am even more addicted to yoga than I was before.  I am pretty sure I like it more than wine, I can't even believe I just said that.

5. I hope you are all doing great.  I will keep keeping tabs on you by being a blog creeper but I hope you know you are all special.

6. The world's most delicious cereal is Trader Joes coconut, cranberry granola.  Go buy it now.  You're welcome.

7. Fred is digging Denver.  We hike every weekend and I drag him all over the city.  There is also a dog patio bar less than a mile from our front door.

Monday, April 21, 2014

just some things

Hi guys.

Hope everyone had a good Easter. I spent mine with a wicked hangover, brunch and a BBQ.

It was actually nice, minus the hangover.

Life is still good, and I am sorry I still suck at blogging. I'm just keeping busy. Between work and obsessive yoga class attending, and dog parking, and drinking there just aren't enough hours in the day.

Today as I took Fred on his 500th walk of the day, I couldn't stop smiling because of the beautiful smell of whatever this tree is. It made me super happy and it was just what I needed. I wish you all could smell them too, because whatever they are it's fantastic.

My sister sent me this pic of Arthur John. It's just too much cute too handle if you ask me.

Then there is this guy. I know I am a crazy dog lady but Fred makes me happy each and every day. And I love Denver for being so dog friendly. Fred comes all over this city with me, and it's awesome.

I just realized it looks like I'm not wearing a shirt, I promise I am...I only go shirtless to yoga class.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The day I decided to not wear a shirt...in public

I try really hard not to judge.  I mean it, I am pretty open minded and typically give folks the benefit of the doubt.

Every now and again however, I find myself being judgy.  I don't like it, but it happens.

One thing I have been known to seriously judge biotches on is when they wear sports bras to the gym. I mean just a sports bra, obviously anyone with tig ole bitties needs a sports bra on under their shirt, but it has always really bugged me when I saw gals walking around half nakie in the gym.

I know it can be hot, but this is America, we have air conditioning...wear a shirt.

I'm not really sure if it is the fact that I thought these girls were being a tad flashy, or if I was just jealous because I did not have the abs of steel to rock this look, but mostly I think I just always thought it was unnecessary.

I mean I work out really hard when I am at the gym, I do spin and zumba and all that sweaty crap. Never once though had I been too hot for a shirt. That is until I started taking hot yoga classes.

Fred and I sprawled out after a yoga sesh

Have you ever done hot yoga? Well when they say hot, they mean it.

I believe the room is approximately 4,599 degrees and if you go to the studios in the cool neighbor hoods there are at least 7,508 other sweaty ass yogis in the room. It smells really nice let me tell ya.

So I started doing hot yoga, and I quickly changed my tune in regards to bitches in sports bras. Instead of judging them I started thinking they were the smartest people in the room. It is honestly so hot you start to sweat before you even move a muscle and every article of clothing on your body becomes completely soaked. It's nasty and I swear to god if it was allowed I would take those classes in the buff.

I have been going pretty regularly several times a week and in each class most of the gals were practicing sans shirt.

So this weekend I thought why the hell not...I'm gonna do it.

I put all my insecurities aside and went to class in a bra.

And naturally I walked into a packed class and not a single other person had decided to leave their shirt at home.

I felt pretty uncomfortable at first I won't lie. I get weird about certain things, and I kept looking at my tum feeling a little awkward, and then I started sweating like a hog in whore house or however that saying goes and I got over it.

By the end of the hour I was thrilled to not have a shirt on and silly as it may sound I feel sort of liberated having faced my dumb insecurity by showing half of Denver my goodies. By goodies I just mean my sweaty ass belly, I left my other clothes on.

I guess now I will think twice about judging people based on what they work out in, unless it's jeans. I will always judge someone who works out in jeans, that shit's just crazy.

Also, if you haven't tried hot yoga you probably should. I hated the first class but once you get used to how friggen hot it is, it's pretty amazing. And it kind of gets you high. No kidding, it does and it feels good.

Monday, April 14, 2014

the way i will die

Is that title creepy or what?

I know I'm a creep sorry.

I'm going to miss Fred the most.
But seriously, as of last week I know how I'm going to die.

It probably won't be long either. It is going to happen on the mean streets of Denver guys.

You see in an effort to really embrace my new urban lifestyle and fit in with all the healthy ass hipsters out here I have been riding my bike all over creation. JK it's actually because parking is a bitch in the city and I refuse to drink and drive, but the other reasons sound cooler.

Anyway, my first voyage went down on a Thursday.  A friend and I were to meet at a bar on the other side of town, I mapquested it and according to the GPS lords it was 4 miles away and would take me a mere 15 minutes to ride there.

Saweet I thought.  I hopped on my trusty bike and gave myself 30 minutes just to be on the safe side.  Turns out either mapquest is cray or I suck at biking because it took me 45 minutes.  45 minutes of sheer terror.

I had heard stories that in Denver you are not supposed to ride on the sidewalk but I just assumed that was a wive's tale so I rode on the sidewalk like I was taught to do as a youngster. I made it about 4 minutes before every homeless person in the city of Denver screamed at me to get in the street and I nearly collided with about 100 pedestrians.

So I did it. I went into the street.

Now, I had never biked in a city in my life, but I googled it and knew you were supposed to bike as if you were driving a car and follow traffic accordingly.  Well guess what?? That is friggen terrifying!! I hate that you cant see the cars coming and I am convinced each and everyone that passes is going to hit me.

I made it though eventually and then I got tipsy and rode home, downhill.  And that was even scarier.  A lot scarier actually.  Bike riding might be the only thing out there that I am not more awesome at after a few beers.

I guess it will just take some getting used to, and I should probably get a helmet if I am going to continue riding to bars.  Or maybe I am just weird in that I have done all kinds of crazy shit in my life and this is what I find scary.

Who knows, either way still in love with Denver :)

Hope you guys all have great Mondays.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why I love denver

It's sunny everyday.  No joke.

A large percentage of the population is crazy active.

As in I work out during lunch with my co-workers on the regular.

I run faster out here, somehow I shaved 2+ minutes off my mile since the move.

I get to walk this guy all over and there is a dog park at the end of my street.

I can leave my car in the parking lot all weekend because everything I want is just steps away.

The altitude gets me hammered super fast.

There are a plethora of great bars.

The city is filled with gorgeous parks.

and the incredible food. Thank god for all the walking, because man have I been eating well!! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

My new place

As I mentioned before I really intended to do my due diligence when choosing a place to live in the great state of Colorado.  Instead, I went all impulsive like and leased a place my 
second day.

My job is about 20 miles outside of Denver. It probably would have been wise to live there, or maybe somewhere in the middle.

After spending the last three years in the ruralist of the rural of the country however, I knew I wanted to live downtown more than I wanted a short commute to work so that is what I did.

I have been in my place for a few weeks now and it's pretty great.  I live in a sassy little neighborhood filled with tattoo parlors, bars and great restaurants...and it's phenomenal.

My square footage is about 480...

there is no laundry in my unit, so I have been hitting up the laundromat and washing things in my tub.

....my bathroom smells a little bit like moth balls, my stove currently doesn't work, my rent is insanely high and I could not be happier.

I mean it. I could have found a really nice place in the suburbs I have no doubt, but I adore walking to coffee shops with Fred and traipsing home from the bar at the wee hours of the morning.

I love taking my pup on 98 walks a day going running through the cute streets of my hood and walking to yoga classes.  I pretty much have everything I ever wanted.

I had to buy all new furniture when I arrived so that partnered with the cost of the road trip, 10 nights in a hotel, and a few big bar tabs means I am pretty poor right now.  So poor I can't afford to decorate which is killing me, but I promise to post more pics when I can afford to buy throw pillows and art work for the walls.

before unpacking the first night

enjoying dinner on a storage bin...
I lived sans furniture for a week, once I bought a couch, Fred instantly stole the good spot.
I love my table!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The ramada

fred in our temporary home

So if there was any doubt about whether or not I am a good blogger, I think we can all agree now that I am the worst!!

I really never meant to just stop posting, but then I moved to Denver and I have just been so busy exploring my new city.

I have been here for three weeks and three days now.  In some ways it seems like I just got here, and in others I feel so at home that I can't believe it hasn't even been a month.

I am certainly going to try and be less terrible of a blogger in the coming weeks, but I can't really promise that.  My job is no longer conducive to blogging at work (I love my new job by the way!) and I am just digging it here so much, I find myself pretty busy.  

I do want to tell you all about getting settled in and then I will probably just be writing a series of love letters to this city, because I am head over heels guys.

this dog loves hotels

After I accepted my new job in Denver I only had a month to get all my ducks in a row, move, find somewhere to live and start my new job.  A month as it turns out is not very long.

So I did what any reasonable adult would do and decided to wing it.

I booked a cheap hotel in dowtown Denver for the first few nights, but beyond that I just didn't know what I would do. 

I kind of imagined I would either find a sublease to learn the city before signing anything long term or staying at an extended stay to cut costs.

But then the Ramada we stayed at the first few days ended up being in a pretty cool location and when I went running the first morning I decided that was where I should live, so I made an appointment to see an apartment and leased the very first one I saw.

I am many things, but an over thinker is not one of them.

I wasn't able to move in for a week, and really didn't want to move all my shit out of the Ramada, plus they were accepting of a 100 pound dog so I worked my magic and got them to let me stay there for the week at a discount of 75 dollars off a night.

I instantly felt comfortable at my new job, and also in this city.  It's wonderful guys honestly it is.

Here are a few pics.  I will give you some more deets soon!!

I loaded all my worldly possessions into the ramada so my car would not look like an episode of hoarders for my first day of work.
headed out of the city for some rocks one day :)